Mystic Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a natural and part man-made product commonly used since 1891 in ancient civilization as an antibiotic, however in recent years this mystical colloidal silver combination has resurfaced more prominent than ever with therapeutical benefits thought due to the increasing prevalence of bacterial resistance to antimicrobials.

Its content should contain the smallest of microscopic suspended silver particles taken from 99% pure silver mixed with purified distilled water.

CAUTION; two much silver intake can literally turn your skin into an irreversible blue colour as well as cause many other life threatening complications so pay close attention and always do your own research before using or purchasing any type of colloidal silver products!

Always consult a qualified doctor or a health professional for further advice before considering to use colloidal silver!

Renewed Interest in Colloidal Silver!

Renewed interests in colloidal silver today is more popular than ever and has prompted researchers to investigate scientifically how the antimicrobial properties of silver work and how it could be enhanced further to be used and made more acceptable in modern day stream approved medication so it can be distributed and branded safe by regulators such as (WHO) World Health Organisation for oral intake.

Colloidal Silver has in my opinion the possibilities for being a global recognised alternative antimicrobial applications as well as having many other benefits expecially as we are poised into the unknown with a wave of biblical viruses set upon us such as covid 19!

Are there different types of colloidal silver?

  1. YES; there are 2 other form called Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver and Ionic silver.
  2. Ionic silver with microscopic particels is dissolved in purified water while nanoparticle colloidal silver consists of microscopic particles suspended in water.
  3. Ionic silver has been documented to be much more effective than colloidal silver. Here you can find out more about the differences between ionic and colloidal silver by Philip Marshall who has an insight to pure colloids. 
  4. A solution recommended consists of 96% ionic silver with the remaining 4% consisting part of nanoparticle colloidal silver. There have be different independent laboratories tests with detailed results of which can be found in this free downloadable PDF file written by Sharon George, BEd Bachelor of Naturopathy. 
  5. This document also refers to (WHO) World Health Organisation stating that bacteria is continually evolving and can also pass on genetic material that allows other bacteria to become drug resistant. WHO reports that drug-resistant superbugs have now been located in almost every country Worldwide…

Silver turning a person blue is known as argyria, a very rare condition that is caused by consuming large industrial amounts or improperly made silver solutions containing either too many silver particles large in size or contain contaminated impurities.

Ionic silver or colloidal silver scientifically and professionally produced solutions made with the cleanest of purified distilled water and silver should be safe however we are not suggesting it is so please always consult a health professional before advancing with taking any form of silver!

Nasal Colloidal Silver Sprays

If you have decided to give colloidal silver a try one of the preferred and most beneficial ways of induction is through a nasal spray orally, although it can also be swallowed in small quantities at a time.

Colloidal and Ionic Silver come in different potencies generally starting at 10ppm, then 20ppm and up to 40 or 50ppm. (PPM meaning in one litre of water there are 10 milligrams of total silver content).

Other important factors are the actual silver particle size. The smaller the Silver particles are the safer it should be giving a greater amount of positively charged silver in the distilled water mix.

Purity refers to how clean and pure the silver is to make the product and the silver must not in any way be contaminated so it’s always advisable to be sourced professionally with scientific documented approvals!

Colloidal silver contains two products silver and distilled water. It should be colourless. Ionic silver particles are too small to refract light so if a yellow or dark colour is visible it's a result of either the silver particles being to large or has presence of unwanted substances Professor Ronald J Gibbs states on page 25.  

Is Ionic Colloidal Silver Approved Medically?

For oral intake NO, but for external use YES, however there are many people worldwide who take Colloidal and Ionic Silver orally regularly and have been doing so for many years who swear by its benefits, however this is not to say you should or suggesting you do. You need to make your own unbiased choices! 

Always do your own research and consult a health professional first before deciding to take products that contain silver!


What's the Pros & Cons of taking Silver?


In many opinions and in some cases done through scientific experiments ionic colloidal silver has many poised advantages of which are commonaly refered to as having antibacteria, antiviral, antifungal and skin health properties. Read some well resoured article we found one written by Meredith Bull, ND with further detail or the Huffpost that covers 10 silver benefits. Another post found about colloidal silver by 
The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH)


Silver is a natural mineral and has claimed it can super charge your immune system which in theary should help you stay healthier. Research has shown that by consuming silver daily is both safe and effective for boosting and maintaining a healthy immune system. You can find more information on the benefit of taking silver here by Joe Schwarcz PhD


Colloidal silver can cause serious side effects and reactions in some cases as well as being misused or a silver industrial worker. The most common and publicised disadvantage of taking colloidal silver is a skin reaction called argyria. This turns your skin a blue grey discoloration which is untreatable and usually permanent.

Colloidal silver can also cause poor absorption of some drugs, such as certain antibiotics and thyroxine used to treat thyroid deficiency as well as some other prescribed drug. Here tis a useful piece of information containing colloidal silver reviews WebMD 

Free Colloidal Silver Trial Bottle

Try Ionic Colloidal Silver Now!

If you're interested in trying a sample bottle of our recommended sourced Ionic colloidal silver spray for oral intake please continue reading, however always consult a health professional first before you try any silver products!

Prices and ingredients taken orally vary dramatically so we decided to create this website and offer you the research and results we put in to sourcing ionic colloidal silver for our own personal use.

We found a product in France scientifically produced that covers regulatory conditions as well as ticking the boxes we were asking.

Please be aware we can’t stress enough that you should always consult a doctor or a health professional for further advice before ever considering using colloidal silver of any form! 

Just pay the postage and packaging to recieved your free bottle sample now...

Colloidal Silver for Skin & other Benefits!

The germ killing precious metal has been hailed as a skin and health saviour within communities for centuries!

Colloidal silver claims to promote healing of skin tissues and wounds and is commonly used in medical department globally. A study taken in 2007 containing silver wound dressings where found to have a more effective barrier against infection than other prescribed drugs. The NIH also supports the finding that colloidal silver can be an effective topical wound healer placed into the dressing.

Some believe applying silver can help treat everything from acne, rosacea to aging just a few examples. Calms are made that it reduces skin inflammation and fights bacteria without destroying any of the flora natural particles in your skin. It helps decreases the irritating effects caused by oxidative stress and stimulates skin elasticity.

Creams and Lotions seem to be the one area where silver particles really have the space to work says Dr. Robert Becker on colloidal silver, a pioneer surgeon at Syracuse Medical University, made a significant discovery. He found colloidal silver triggers unexpected regrowth of tissues when applied to an infected area. He found it helped skin repair itself naturally resulting in a dramatically enhancement healing of damaged skin tissues. Becker’s studies documents no cases where found to have caused any undesirable side effects. 

Colloidal Silver could be the path to a Healthier Life?

The clock is ticking and you are frustrated that everything you have been told should work hasn't!

We live in a World that is back to front! What should be in front is generally at the back, your choice!

Viruses and bacteria in some instances can be fatal however no one has ever mentioned the words Colloidal Silver, why the hell not!

People for centuries have been taking Colloidal Silver in moderation & swear about the benefits, however it's still not recognised by WHO as being safe.

First Steps

Having a healthy diet should be your first choice for a healthier life style and in most cases should help fight most illnesses as well as improving many body functions such as followed below;

  1. Nutrition
  2. Fitness
  3. Bloods
  4. Motivation
  5. Sleep
  6. Movement    

Are colloidal silver products all equal?

Definitely not! Out of fifteen colloidal silver product samples tested only one was found to be near acceptable for human consumption. This is the findings of Ronald J. Gibbs, director of Colloidal Science at the University of Delaware.

Everything You Need To Know About Colloidal Silver


My wife had verruca’s for about five years we think she caught at the local swimming pool. We tried everything our GP subscribed but nothing worked until one day we read an article saying Colloidal Silver was a recommended solution for clearing bacteria and other infections. I thought verruca's are viral not bacterial but after trying everything else and my wife so fed up and depressing we were willing to give anything a go. We tried the free sample bottle and within 6 days there was a massive improvement like we have never seen before from everything we had ever tried, so using Colloidal Silver externally was the solution for us and we gladly made another purchase!

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We all want to Feel Better and Healthier!

Taking colloidal silver for as little as 14 days for some people can improve one’s symptom, however you need to be your own judge whether or not you wish to try taking colloidal silver and we are just a portal pointing you in what we think to be the right direction...

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